Walk, Talk and Haul, 2016

WALK, TALK AND HAUL (detail from The Long Line), 2016,
painted and fired, clay, styrofoam, 2016. View Gallery >>

River Passage, 1991

RIVER PASSAGE, 1991, papier-mache, chickenwire, and gravel,
10ftH x 42ftW x 52ftD View Gallery >>

The Public Pool, 2004

THE PUBLIC POOL, 2004, painted terra and wood, 12inH x 40inW x 30inD
View Gallery >>

No War!, 2006

NO WAR!, 2006, painted terra cotta and wood, 6ftH x 7ftW x 3ftD
View Gallery >>

The Pit, 2009

THE PIT, 2009, painted terra cotta, wood, styrofoam, 7ftH x 6ftW x 5.5ftD
View Gallery >>

Bridges to Cross, Bridges to Burn, 2013

BRIDGES TO CROSS, BRIDGES TO BURN, 2013, terra cotta, styrofoam, steel,
wire, paint, 12ftH x 30ftW x 50ftD View Gallery >>